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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

Mar 22, 2024

[Warning: This episode may be triggering for some, be gentle with yourself and take breaks while listening, or pass on listening until you’re ready. It is not meant for children’s ears.)


Rhonda sits down with Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Sheri Keffer of the Brave One Community to discuss sexual deception and betrayal and how that intersects and affects your finances. 


Here are some highlights of what they cover:


  • What is sexual acting out?

  • What should you be doing if you feel your spouse is acting out?

  • Money and sexual betrayal go hand in hand

  • Educate yourself - know all you can know

  • There is hope

About today’s guest:


Dr. Sheri is a regular co-host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show New Life Live! with an audience of more than two million people each week. For over twenty-three years, she’s worked as a Doctor of Marriage and Family therapy in Newport Beach, California. 


Through her own personal story of recovery Dr. Sheri understands the trauma symptoms often associated with sexual betrayal and posttraumatic stress. As a Certified Partner Trauma

Therapist Supervisor (CPTT-S), Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), Certified Clinical. Partner Specialist (CCPS), Certified Couples Betrayal Recovery Therapist (CCBRT-candidate) Certified Clinical Empathy Specialist (CCES-candidate), and a Consultant in EMDR, she brings new tools and a fresh look at what’s needed not only to heal but heal well. Dr. Sheri’s a

keynote speaker and recipient of 2019 IITAP Outstanding Publication Award for her book Intimate Deception: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Betrayal.


Dr.Sheri is the Founder of, the International BraveOne Community, and Bravery After Betrayal: It Takes Fierce Strength retreat where she unpacks how betrayal affects the mind, body, spirit, and sexuality. Dr. Sheri also holds a degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.


Connect with Dr. Sheri and the Brave One Community:


Dr. Sheri is offering one free month in her Brave One Community as a gift to our listeners! Be sure to mention you heard her on our podcast.

Your host is Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA®, CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center


Rhonda has dedicated her career to being an advocate for women and educating them on how financial strategies can impact their personal and professional success. Her work has shown women going through a divorce how to have a voice, be assertive, get results, be driven, and move forward with confidence. 


For Rhonda and her company, the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, helping women isn’t just about running the numbers. It’s about asking the right questions, demystifying myths and biases around finances, and helping women walk in their power. Rhonda is passionate about helping her clients navigate a broken system and level the playing field so they can achieve success—pre, during, and post-divorce. 


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