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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

Nov 17, 2023

With the holidays fast approaching, you may feel more tempted to turn to alcohol as a stress reliever as you navigate through your divorce. Our guest today, Alcohol-Free Life Coach, Beth Purcell is here to share that there is a different way! Beth and Rhonda discuss:


  • Beliefs around alcohol and how to change your...

Oct 21, 2023

Are you going through divorce and you or your spouse own a business? Listen in! 


Rhonda talks with Business Valuation Expert, Henry Kaskov about valuing your business. What should you consider as you approach this process? 


They discuss:


  • Who needs a Business Valuation?

  • Discovery Process (learn what DAM is!)

Oct 13, 2023

Our special guest today is CEO and Co-Founder of HerMoney, Jean Chatzky! Rhonda and Jean walk through how to step out in confidence when it comes to your money. 


  • Learn your money - it can be managed!

  • Value based spending - what is important to you?

  • Girl Math!

  • Why wisdom over too much information is will get...

Oct 6, 2023

We have some exciting news and a special announcement! Join Rhonda as she outlines her thought process about the new name for the podcast, and why we’re making this small but powerful shift. 


Rhonda covers:


  • The origin story of the podcast

  • Client stories

  • How she can help you if you’re contemplating or...

Sep 2, 2023

Licensed Home Appraiser, Rachel Pader sits down with Rhonda to talk about  the importance of home appraisal. Knowing your home is key! A few things they discuss:


  • Why it’s important to have a good appraiser

  • Tips on what you should look for

  • Top 3 items to consider when having your home appraised