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Divorce Conversations for Women

Jun 22, 2018

The more women I speak with who have spouses that are too controlling, the more my concern grows for them.  These women are in a situation where the person they trusted the most are now the threat to their safety. The question is, how can they assure their own security?

From mental tips like changing one’s mindset, to practical advices like getting a new phone, Freddie Harris, Founder of Badger Krav Maga, joins us for today’s episode to give us substantial ways on how we can shelter ourselves from harm.


  • What are some safety concerns for women going through divorce
  • What are the warning signs of violent behavior and what can we do about them
  • What are some strategies Fred Harris gives to mitigate being a target
  • How to effectively respond to sudden attacks and threats

Freddie shares the steps women can take to assure their safety when going through divorce:

  • First, take ownership of the fact that you have to protect yourself.
  • Get a support network to navigate this journey.
  • Be someone who can follow-through for your children or relatives.
  • Have assertiveness in your attitude to be less accessible and less of a victim.
  • Learn some tips on self-defense and learn to follow your intuition.

Freddie Harris has over 20 years of experience as a private investigator, a security consultant, and instructor in several use-of-force disciplines. Fred specializes in workplace safety & physical security and provides services such as – termination assistance, executive protection, security force training & development, crowd control, crisis intervention, music/sporting event and labor strike security to clients throughout the United States.


Freddie Harris, Founder of Badger Krav Maga

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