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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

Apr 30, 2018

For a divorced woman experiencing loss, and perhaps on her way to losing the confidence she once had, enlightenment is necessary. Throughout my conversation with Rebecca, I learned that we have our own identity, and that we are powerful. I was reminded that we are all significant and that our style matters.

Our inner and outer beauty, indeed, needs an investment, and for it to grow, we need to take action by opening ourselves to new styles and embracing it.

In this episode, Rebecca and I discuss:

  • What to wear during the different milestones coming in our life
  • What to wear in court
  • Confidence as it relates to discovering personal style
  • Why appearance matters
  • How our confidence can strongly be influenced by what we wear
  • How to dress in different occasions
  • What women should have in their closet based on their fashion style and budget
  • How women can own their significance when they feel different types of emotions

Listen to this podcast as we reveal how to empower yourself through style. Always keep in mind that, "what we wear really makes an emotional impact on how we feel." - Rebecca Sheperd

Rebecca is a really amazing stylist who shares the same goal as me by helping women develop confidence through styling. You can reach her at Mention the Divorce Conversations for Women Podcast and get a free one-hour closet consultation.

Resources Mentioned:

Tapping Into Your Inner Beauty: Let it Shine From Within

Rebecca’s Website



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