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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

Apr 10, 2024

Rhonda sits down with Real Estate Expert, Jeremy Doering for a candid conversation about all of the changes in the industry right now. They discuss how this will affect you - especially in divorce - and what you can do to successfully navigate the buying / selling process. They cover;


  • National Association...

Mar 30, 2024

Rhonda is joined by Certified Life and Conscious Parent Coach, Mikki Gardner for a conversation about disrupting the traditional co-parenting path. As you move through divorce, YOU get to decide what your family looks like. 


Mikki and Rhonda delve into 3 tools you can use right now to create a successful home...

Mar 22, 2024

[Warning: This episode may be triggering for some, be gentle with yourself and take breaks while listening, or pass on listening until you’re ready. It is not meant for children’s ears.)


Rhonda sits down with Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Sheri Keffer of the Brave One Community to discuss sexual deception and...

Mar 8, 2024

Rhonda and Jeanne Kelly have an honest conversation around credit - the good and the bad. Being educated and informed of resources is imperative - especially if you’re divorcing. They cover:


  • We learn by mistakes - how to get financial confidence around your credit

  • Knowledge is power

  • Credit cards points - they...

Feb 24, 2024

Listen in on our live stream episode with Certified Divorce Lender, Josh Bucio with Waterstone Mortgage. Josh and Rhonda discuss all the things to consider when considering keeping or selling your home in divorce. You might be surprised to learn you CAN keep it, if you want to. Topics they cover:


  • Supply and demand...