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Divorce Conversations for Women

Aug 31, 2018

You are not a victim and divorce doesn't define you. You can choose to be happy, financially independent, healthy, and connected. It is up to you to shift your energy, focus, and attention on what will move you forward.

Susan Haddorff a mother of five and the Senior Executive Sales Leader of Norwex USA. She is the prime example of how one can build a successful business while going through divorce and being the pillar for her children in the process.

In this episode, Susan shares how she shifted the negative energy from her divorce and focused on building a solid and rewarding business for her and her children. She shares how it is possible to be financially independent doing something that you love.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How Susan created a successful business that helped her financially and emotionally as she was going through divorce
  • Generating income as a stay-at-home Mom and turning a hobby into a revenue generating hustle
  • The shift in energy Susan channeled from her divorce to build her Norwex business
  • How deciding and choosing to move forward allowed her to build a business while still prioritizing her children
  • Women can become financially independent and take ownership of whatever situation they are in
  • Using Yoga and setting her intentions for the day as a way to help her thrive
  • How having a solid support network helped her get through through the divorce
  • Being a good example to your children in choosing to be happy and dealing with the divorce in a healthy way.
  • When having conversations with your children, replace BUT with AND to instantly feel the shift in energy



“Comparison is the thief of joy” ~Theodore Roosevelt

I can do hard things!


Resources Mentioned:

Susan Haddorff

Senior Executive Sales Leader

262.510.6220 |    

Norwex Consultant Home | Norwex USA



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