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Divorce Conversations for Women

Jun 14, 2019

Melissa Davis, an affair survivor, joins us today to talk about healing after an affair. It is never an easy conversation and a lot of women are facing this subject. Being able to heal through the affair is so crucial for women. Carrying unhealed wounds is trauma – a big thing in your life that you have to deal with, or it will keep coming back up. Your body and mind must deal with it so breathing through it helps it. If you do not make the choice to heal, then you are just going to carry around this heavy weight that you do not want to have with you. It comes down to choices. A strong, fierce woman who can handle everything or hold on to it and become bitter and resentful. In order to move forward with other relationships, we need to go through the healing process. It’s not easy – it is painful, yes, but necessary. Allow yourself as many ugly cries as you must in order to heal and move forward.


When we choose to be mindful and pay attention to our thoughts, that really starts to help us realize the truths. Melissa shares that her husband was having many affairs and with people that she knew, and thought loved her. We must remember that both women and men that have partners that are unfaithful to them go through the grief process – the same timeline of misery. Women never go through things in vain. There is always a deeper purpose and a deeper meaning. You must breathe through the pain. Your life is not over even though it is overwhelming – you still have a lot to offer.


Our belief is that whether you choose to stay or go you want to make that choice from a healthy place in your heart and mind. You must start addressing some of that healing to really know what you need. 


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why healing from an affair is crucial
  • What makes After the Affair different
  • A helpful tip to use when you keep having flashbacks or obsessive thoughts
  • Having the right resources and tools to help you through the emotional and financial stuff
  • What your core team is so you can move forward and make good decisions


“Grieving, it’s like exhaling after holding your breath for far too long.”



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