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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

Dec 28, 2018

Buying or selling a home is not an easy transaction but it could get smoother if you have someone to it for you. And having this resource could save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

In this episode, Alyona shares how being a realtor allowed her to be in complete control of everything. Helping her achieve financial freedom, self-esteem, and good financial acumen.

Alyona Caravella is a realtor at RE/MAX and has been in the real estate industry since 2009. Helping families and individuals buy or sell a home. She’s also an accredited buyer’s agent and an expert in real estate negotiation. She helps anybody from start to finish - from planning to getting the resources ahead of time so her clients can enjoy ease and take charge of their cash flow and finances.


In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Alyona’s story on becoming a realtor
  • Her experience being a landlord
  • Tips for women who are planning to dive into the real estate industry
  • Who you hire can make or break a business
  • What is a Potential Rental Area?
  • The pros and cons of becoming a landlord
  • What you can control as a landlord
  • Why buying an investment property is better than renting
  • Education & Planning is the key to successful rental income and investment
  • Stay ahead, plan ahead - Alyona Caravella




For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction (Newton's Law)

When it comes to rentals and investment properties, there's as many plusses as there's minuses.


Resources Mentioned:

Research rental pricing and trends in your area on or

Access all state approval legal docs  on

Neighborhood Services in Milwaukee County

Report cards for different types of schools or districts:



Alyona Caravella, ABR, CHBA, CHBS, RENE

Real Estate Agent



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