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Divorce Conversations for Women

Dec 7, 2018

What does your normal day feel like? Do you feel low most of the time? What are the thoughts running through your head on a regular basis?  

Oftentimes we feel like we don’t have the energy to do things especially when we’re going through a difficult time, like divorce. We associate emotional fatigue with physical fatigue and that affects how we perform every day resulting in decreased productivity and an unfocused mind.

Jill Sommers is a marathon runner, performance coach, and owner of JMS Performance Coaching. She coaches both women and men to live a fulfilled life that makes them feel good both inside and out - be it in business, relationships, sports and other fields of life.

In this episode, Jill emphasizes the importance of self-care, staying focused, getting enough sleep and keeping yourself hydrated all the time. In divorce, just like a marathon, we need to focus on the process and not the outcome, as the outcome will take care of itself.

Navigate your life better and keep on reminding yourself of the benefits of what you're going through right now because it’s definitely worth the effort.


In This Episode, We Discuss:

  • The perpetual 'Not Enoughness'
  • How to prepare for your own race.
  • Sport is one of the greatest places we can draw parallels between hardship and life.
  • Your support buddy doesn’t have to be a human.
  • What to do next when you’re in the midst of a race.
  • Thoughts attract thoughts.
  • How to avoid going through the dark spots when you’re in the middle of the race.
  • The “Joy List
  • Focusing on your strengths and the benefits of your actions.
  • When you're more present, you're more aware of your feelings.
  • Always have trust and faith that it's going to work out.


People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” — Zig Ziglar


Resources Mentioned:

Jill M Sommers

Performance Coach

414-559-7164 |

Jill Sommers Website




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