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Divorce Conversations for Women

Aug 17, 2018

Self care is a topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention. But despite it being tha latest hot topic, most women still have a hard time giving themselves permission to take care of themselves.

Self care is not selfish. It is crucial for our wellbeing and more so when we are going through divorce or any crisis. It allows us to  walk through the added responsibilities and stress more effectively. It helps clear our minds to have a better overall outlook. It is setting healthy boundaries for ourselves to manage the three valuable but limited resources that we have - time, money and energy.

Susan Pokorny is a trauma informed Yoga trainer, an aromatherapist, an Amazon bestselling author, and is extremely passionate about helping women around the topic of self care.

In today’s episode we break down the myths around self care and how it relates to our three valuable resources of time, money, and energy.


A lot of women have bought into the myth that we don't have enough time to take care of ourselves. But we do have time. We only need to evaluate what is essential, what is really going to bring you life, what is going to bring you health and what is going to support you in going through this time.

When we make good choices in health and wellness, it can actually give us more time because we're more effective, we're thinking more clearly, our brain is nourished, and we're rested.

We can't produce more time, but self care can multiply and maximize the effectiveness of the time that we have.


Self-care is an investment that we make for ourselves that will benefit in the long run. If you look at investing in whole food, it might cause more upfront, but the long term benefit outweighs the initial investment. We need to look at self-care as putting money into an emotional and physical bank account that's going to build up our resources.

But it does not always mean spending more than you normally would. There are a lot of different things that you can to to nurture yourself that costs little to no money. In Susan’s book, Two Inches of Wool, she shares hundreds of tips and ideas for self care that don’t cost too much money.


There are good things that we can do, good choices that we can make in our life that will give us energy and there are choices that will draining us of our energy. We can support our body to do what it needs to do to eliminate the bad stuff. But it needs good fuel, and good food choices fuels our body.

It takes energy to go out of our way and make better choices but when we're filling up our health and wellness bank it will help us get through difficult situations. We can  look where we could be more proactive and practical with our health.

“Self love has measurably deepened my relationships with the people that I love”

Self care is investing in yourself that is essential for your long term and short term wellbeing. When we take care of ourselves, we deepen our relationships with those that we care about. That is the essence of self care. It's deepening a relationship with yourself, but it's also, it's giving the best of yourself to doing it.

Resources Mentioned:

Two Inches of Wool: The Simple Art of Self Care

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