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Divorce Conversations for Women

Aug 10, 2018

One of the biggest challenges while going through the divorce process is the amount of paperwork that women have to stay on top of. Women may feel caught in the chaos, overwhelm, uncertainty, and frustration with so many things going on. We need to have a system in place to stay organized so that we are empowered to make decisions that would impact our lives.

Dave Rebro is a really great model for helping people stay organized. He is an Amazon number one bestselling author and technology therapist. Dave brings over 24 years of technology strategy and organizational workflow experience and over 10 years of teaching and coaching experience. He is a certified evernote consultant and certified Apple Support Professional. And in this episode, Dave will share techniques, resources, and tools to stay organized.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of being organized and what happens when you are organized and when you are not
  • How to get organized with so much coming at you
  • The importance of creating a digital library of all the paperwork involved and consolidating that into a mobile workspace
  • How the proper mindset around being organized can give you clarity and focus
  • It is very difficult to make good, sound decisions when you do not have all the documents organized and available at all times
  • empowerment that happens when women are organized
  • Dave shares a time in his life when he felt stuck in his business and how setting up a system in place brought clarity to his life
  • How Dave uses Evernote, his “productive flow app”

Introducing DivDash

It is my life's work and my passion to help bring leading edge ideas, tools, tips, and resources to women that need help and guidance. Together with Dave, I wanted to create something that makes it easier for women to have more control, to be more organized, and get meaningful results. From that desire, came Divorce Dashboard.

Divorce Dashboard (DivDash) aims to help women get organized, give them tips, tools, checklists, resources and insight as they navigate the divorce process. It is a combination of the tools in the binder that I have developed for the Women’s Financial Wellness Center and Dave’s expertise to leverage technology.

This is a truly unique product that will help women create systems in place which will ultimately empower them to make decisions and move forward in life.


“the cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek” ~Joseph Campbell


Resources Mentioned:


Women’s Financial Wellness Center

Divorce Dashboard - coming soon!


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