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Divorce Conversations for Women

May 7, 2022

Rhonda and Cheree talk openly about life as a busy Mom - whether you’re running your own business, or just managing your household, you CAN find balance. The key is to shift your perspective, know yourself, and take some time to think about what you value most. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, (and who isn’t these days?) this episode will offer practical tips to make some changes. 


About today’s guest:


Cheree Sauer is a Life and Mindset Coach for Momprenreneurs and has her own podcast, The Balanced Mompreneur. Her company, Heartfelt Mamas helps mompreneurs go from surviving to thriving in life, business and faith.


Her story; her words: 


For 15 years, I was an Athletic Trainer with a Master's Degree in Sports Medicine where I helped athletes prevent and overcome injury and burnout. After having children, I found myself burnt-out from a demanding job and travel schedule. I took a leap of faith, quit my job and

became a stay at home. 


After 4 months of being a stay at home mom, I was depressed, resentful of my kids and hated my life. I had become reactive to my circumstances and realized I didn't know who I was or what I wanted out of life. I knew God had more for me, so I dug into my faith and decided to no longer be a victim to my circumstances.I started my company, Heartfelt Mamas, as a self-care gift box company to encourage moms to take care of themselves but after 3 years, I realized the real issue was in their mindset and their subconscious beliefs. From my previous professional background, I knew I had a gift to help people see the real root cause of their problems whether in their body, their mindset or their relationships. Now, I help high-achieving,

faith-based moms find and work through the root cause of their burnout.

My podcast is for high-achieving moms who want to pursue their passions while being present for their families.


Connect with Cheree:







Your host is Rhonda Noordyk, CFEI, CDFA®, CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center


Rhonda has dedicated her career to being an advocate for women and educating them on how financial strategies can impact their personal and professional success. Her work has shown women going through a divorce how to have a voice, be assertive, get results, be driven, and move forward with confidence. 


For Rhonda and her company, the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, helping women isn’t just about running the numbers. It’s about asking the right questions, demystifying myths and biases around finances, and helping women walk in their power. Rhonda is passionate about helping her clients navigate a broken system and level the playing field so they can achieve success—pre, during, and post-divorce. 


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