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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

May 24, 2019

Car buying can be very stressful especially while going through divorce but with the right techniques, it can be easier. Tina McKandes, Director of Internet Operations at Boucher Automotive Group, has been in the industry for 25 years. Helping women find their perfect vehicle fit resonates with Tina having been through the divorce process herself. She knows the importance of educating yourself enough in order to make informed decisions. In this podcast, she expresses the importance of doing your research, knowing what features are important to you, and having confidence and flexibility in expressing your needs and timeline.


“Be armed with information, regardless of what it is.” – Tina McKandes


98% of people do online research prior to coming into a dealership. The customer journey starts and stops at various different areas depending on what your situation is. The approach that Tina takes is providing the guest with all of the information. They first evaluate your needs. It’s important to be willing to be a little bit open and vulnerable so that the dealership can give you the best options for you and your situation. Yes, there are still some experiences that are not so great at other dealerships; however, you will find that there are some that will train on “customer first”. At Boucher, they create a new experience for women who are considering purchasing a new vehicle, taking on the current vehicle, and evaluating leases.


Pick a dealership that you feel comfortable at. The dealership should be looking at filling your needs with the best vehicle available based upon the information that you already collected from your personal end…budget, 3 most important things you need on the car…then the dealership gives you the selections that they feel fit the best based on those needs. Have confidence in trying to fill your needs but also have some flexibility in options that may be outside of the box for you. Allow yourself the time and don’t feel rushed. The dealership should be paying attention to YOUR needs, working at YOUR pace, and you should be working with someone you like and that will go the extra mile for you.


So, what can women do to prepare before they even go to the dealership? First, figure out where you are starting at, everyone will start at a different point. Second, begin to use your online resources and start to talk to your local lenders. Third, figure out your budget (Not sure where to start, check out our 10 Simple Steps to Creating Your Beautiful Budget online course ($47)).


In this episode, we discuss:

  • Tips, ideas, and thoughts that you can take to your dealership
  • Trends of negotiation and where car buying is now
  • What you can do to prepare
  • Lending
  • Divorce and your credit score
  • Establishing car credit history
  • Role of the dealership


10 Simple Steps to Creating Your Beautiful Budget online course


Tina McKandes

Director of Internet Operations

Boucher Automotive Group

(414) 427-4141

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