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Divorce Conversations for Women

Apr 12, 2019

As an adult woman, we are kind and clueless. Clueless in understanding the boys and men in general. Often we wonder why they bottle up their emotions and avoid eye contact. But when we try to understand how males prefer to communicate, that allows us to adjust our expectations.

Boy expert Janet Allison is a former teacher and a mother of girls. She founded Boys Alive, an organization that advocates for boys. Teaching parents how males and females learn, interact, and interpret the world differently.

She wrote  Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best and has collaborated with many international experts to create virtual educational summits, interviewing experts and sharing wisdom with thousands of parents and teachers.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about men and boys. Why they act the way that they do and what can you do about it.

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In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Knowing how and when to talk to your son (especially about emotional topics)
  • Connecting with your son in a boy-friendly way
  • Understanding why he needs to move his body
  • What to do about screens (e.g. gadgets)
  • Giving your man a hint and applying the concept of bullet points
  • Staying in reality and not taking things personally
  • Being a good listener


“You are not raising a little boy, you are raising a man and the world needs you to do that well.”

I can do hard things!


Resources Mentioned:

Boys Alive

On Boys Podcast


Janet Allison

Author | Educator | Family

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