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Divorce Conversations for Women

Feb 1, 2019

Shopping for a home is a huge and tough thing to do, especially when you’re a single mom or someone who’s going through divorce. You’re considering to buy a home but everything should still be within your budget range, arming yourself with knowledge over financial things  and having someone to simplify things for you is the best thing you do.

Penny Charlson is a Mortgage Loan Expert and a Branch Manager. She has 12 years of experience as a real estate agent and have been in the mortgage business for more than 20 years. She’s experienced with many different loan programs including refinancing, purchasing, and other transactions with unique circumstances and special challenges.

In this episode, Penny shares her knowledge about everything you need to know in the mortgage industry. She helps her clients by doing all the maths and educating them carefully to have a good understanding of the process, allowing them to make the best decisions.

Special offer: Penny is offering $500 off of closing costs.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • How interest rates and closing cost are interrelated
  • Being creative in finding options
  • What constitutes “a total debt”
  • Doing the maths to have better options that’ll best suit your needs and situation
  • Credit reports and using Credit Karma
  • Having patience and taking the time to educate yourself
  • The importance of face-to-face meeting
  • Pre-approval process and how it all works
  • Knowledge + Experience = Confidence to make good decisions


“There’s a solution to every problem”

Resources Mentioned:

Credit Karma

Penny Charlson

Mortgage Loan Expert | Branch Manager



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