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Divorce Conversations for Women

Jun 15, 2018

The health component takes such a big impact in divorce. However, the mind component is just as significant. When women go through divorce, they are physically and mentally drained. How can women take care of themselves when it’s the mind they have to nurse?

What can women do when they feel overwhelmed? Should they run away from it? Should they stay in place or move forward? How would they deal with the drama and challenges that linger? Who can they rely on? How will they become irrepressible from the situation?

Judy Brier Hahn, a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, shares with us chunks of advices on how we can choose different paths to take when we are in tough situations. At the end of the day, what matters most is that our mind is at peace and we have found the strength to be resilient in these circumstances.


  • What are the thought orientations women have when they are in divorce: are they in the victim orientation or creator orientation?
  • Judy also enumerates the things women should be aware of when taking care of one’s mentality and how awareness can be a tool in bringing out our best selves.
  • How keeping a journal, jotting down your thoughts and accomplishments can become a confidence booster and improve one’s gratitude
  • Why it’s better to take baby steps than big strides when taking care of one’s mental health
  • What Pass or Play is and how this can be an effective tool in freeing ourselves with drama the divorce accompanies
  • Julie Hann shares a client success story on how a particular client was able to change her mentality and move forward with a better outlook on her problems

How can we know if we are in a victim mentality? You can ask yourself these three questions:

  • Where am I putting my focus?
  • How am I relating to others and myself in my experience?
  • What actions am I taking?

Changing our mentality can make such a huge impact in divorce. Judy Hahn wants you to remember that we are not victims of circumstance, we are products of our decisions.

Check out Julie’s book recommendation, The Power of TED at Amazon.

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