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Disrupting Divorce: Conversations for Women

Mar 17, 2023

Rhonda sits down with Dr. Melissa Kalt to discuss practical things to implement when dealing with a narcissist:

  • Examine your motives
  • Be aware of the narcissist’s behavior patterns

  • Give narcissistic supply for the purpose of negotiating

  • Extracting the trauma

They delve into each of these steps in a way that will make you feel empowered and encouraged.

You won’t want to miss a minute of this one - get ready to take notes!

About today’s guest:

Dr Melissa, a Trauma Expert and Master Healer helps Soul-driven leaders solve their "unsolvable" problems. She helps brilliant, creative, empaths identify the hidden narcissists impacting their lives, identify the impact they have on their lives, then rise above the trauma and chaos, becoming antifragile.

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Your host is Rhonda Noordyk, CFEI, CDFA®, CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center

Rhonda has dedicated her career to being an advocate for women and educating them on how financial strategies can impact their personal and professional success. Her work has shown women going through a divorce how to have a voice, be assertive, get results, be driven, and move forward with confidence. 

For Rhonda and her company, the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, helping women isn’t just about running the numbers. It’s about asking the right questions, demystifying myths and biases around finances, and helping women walk in their power. Rhonda is passionate about helping her clients navigate a broken system and level the playing field so they can achieve success—pre, during, and post-divorce. 

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